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In the period before and during the First World War, a new fashion style emerged. Its base was a straight corset and a long skirt tapering towards the ankles. Unfortunately, in such a sewn dress, women were unable to walk normally, they had to be cupped. [54] Under the skirts, petticoats disappeared, the necklines slowly releasing their neck. After the performance of the Sheherezade Ballet in Paris, the period of heavy brocades of vivid colors, decorated with gold, silver and steel, came to an end.
After the First World War, women’s fashion again changed radically. The skirts were shortened to the knees, the waist fell below the natural border. The sleeves came out of fashion, the clothes were stitched only with shoulder straps or very short sleeves. The long sleeves had only coats and sweaters. The haircut was cut short, or the long hair was tied to the sack. There were also special sportswear, mostly short shorts and a sleeveless shirt that was sewn together and strapped.