From Rococo to Biedermeier
2018 Nov 16 By myclothi 0 comment

Rococo was not much different from the baroque, but the clothing was made from lighter pastel colors or small flower designs. A striking change in fashion was recorded by haircuts. The barracks of the Baroque era were full of fancy ornaments like ship models, bird pens, or jewelry and ribbons.
At the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, new fashion emerged in England, much more natural and simpler than French fashion.
At first, she was reluctant, but after the Great French Revolution, it was full. But with the proclamation of the Empire in France, new fashion had to come, because the revolutionary ideas did not suit Napoleon. The style of new empire fashion was determined by Napoleon’s first female Empress Josephine. Another fashion period of the 19th century was the so-called Biedermeier period. It was characterized by the style of the Viennese burghers, and therefore lost its majesty.